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We are excited to provide this most affordable data updating service as an important input for your Technical Analysis. Our services are well received and endorsed by many users, remisiers , investors , fund managers , newspaper editor & columnist for its accuracy, reliability, timeliness and best value for money. We understand that "people want to save during good times and people have more reasons to cut cost during difficult times" ! Let us help you to realise this!We are operating on a very lean basis with minimum overhead expenses. The savings are passed on to our valued customers.

Download Process/Features

The whole process of downloading to updating of data consists of 2 simple steps; i.e. downloading the daily EOD from this website & clicking on the updater icon to complete the whole process.Our EOD data are MetaStock compatible with Open, High, Low, Close, Volume & Open interest for all Bursa counters. All major indexes such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei, Hang Seng,FKLI Futures, CPO are included. Non traded counters for the day ie zero volume are excluded for smooth Technical Analysis.

Our data service incorporates the following features:-

Download Time

Daily EOD data is available after 6.30pm

Data Compatibility

Our data is suitable for:


How to Subscribe

Upon confirmation of payment , we can immediately commence the installation remotely via ’Anydesk’, ‘Teamviewer’ or other apps.

Contact us

Whatsapp  or contact H/P: 016-2702731-Tan/019-5751917-Lee